Why is a Domain necessary?

Domain name registration is an essential part of creating a website. This typically simple, short, and easily memorable word defines the future website's address. Without it, a website cannot be established today!

Is it necessary to purchase hosting?

A website needs not only a domain but also hosting! Every piece of content uploaded to the site requires storage space. Additionally, it is crucial that this hosting is accessible 24 hours a day!

How long will it take for my website to be completed?

Depending on complexity and workload, a complete website can be finished in as little as two weeks. We provide a unique proposal for each of our clients.

What costs should be expected?

The following investments are necessary for the realization of a complete project:

Domain and hosting registration (annual or multi-year subscription)

One-time development fee covering the entire project as specified in the quote

Optional monthly maintenance fee if needed

How long can I report an error?

Like in any work performed by people, there can be human errors in web development as well. At Webfox, the correction of these errors is not time-bound; we fix them without limitations on the number of times and within a reasonable timeframe!

Can only one domain be associated with a hosting?

Depending on the hosting service, it is possible to register multiple domains on one hosting. This way, multiple websites can operate on a single server.

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